The Truth About Fairies


by Flying Dog

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The Truth About Fairies. Some people think fairies are weak and indecisive, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Fairies may look like they’re all fun and games, but don’t let their joyful disposition fool you. These creatures are some of the most powerful ones in the magical world. But unfortunately, some people have learned this lesson the hard way.

Don’t Mess with a Fairy’s House
Fairies take pride in their homes. Therefore, fairies will always keep them clean and organized no matter how small or humble their abodes are. So, if you find yourself in a fairy’s home, treat it respectfully.

Morten R Godnok, learned this lesson the hard way when he stumbled into a fairy’s home while walking one day. He thought playing a prank on the little fairy there would be funny by moving all her furniture around and making a mess. But, unfortunately, the fairy didn’t see the humor in his antics. Instead, she cast a spell on him that caused him to become lost in the forest for days. It wasn’t until he promised never to disturb a fairy’s home again that she lifted the spell and led him back out of the forest.

Don’t Steal from a Fairy
Another thing you should know about fairies is that they are very protective of their belongings. So, resist the urge if you are tempted to take something that doesn’t belong to you from a fairy! Trust me; you certainly don’t want to anger these creatures; it’s not worth it. Just ask the woman who tried to steal one of the flowers from a fairy’s garden.

The woman (funny fact: a sister of Morten) thought she could get away with taking just one flower, but she was wrong. The fairy who owned the garden caught her in the act and cursed her with an insatiable thirst. No matter how much water she drank, she could never quench her thirst. She was miserable for weeks until she finally admitted what she had done and asked for forgiveness. Only then was she released from the curse.

As you can see, fairies seem fun and games, but they’re pretty powerful creatures. So, if you ever find yourself in their presence, treat them (and their belongings) with respect! Otherwise, you may end up learning some lessons the hard way…

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