The Gunslinger

The justice has been served

by Flying Dog
The Gunslinger
The moon casts a pale light over the landscape, providing just enough illumination for the gunslinger to pick his way through the dark. He has been tracking his quarry for days and knows they are close. The trail has been cold sometimes, but he persists, driven by a need for justice.
He finally catches up to them in a dark street. They have made camp for the night and are unsuspecting as he approaches. The gunslinger opens fire, and gunfire echoes through the night. His bullets find their mark. Then, with their evil deeds complete, the gunfighter fades into darkness.
The gunslinger stands over the corpses of his enemies, feeling a sense of satisfaction. The bullets he fired have ended their lives and brought justice to the innocent people they killed. He knows that he has done the right thing. He has brought justice to a dangerous world.
This gunslinger will never forget the thrill of his guns blazing in the night and the sense of accomplishment he felt when his bullets found their mark. He will continue riding through the darkness, seeking out evil and delivering justice wherever it is needed. For this gunslinger, there is no greater joy.
However, the gunslinger knows that there are others like these out there, and he will have to continue to fight them until there is no more evil in the world. He is a gunslinger, and this is his calling. He is proud to do his job and protect the innocent. Yet, even in a world full of darkness, he can bring a ray of light and hope. He will continue, guns blazing, until justice has been served.
And so the gunslinger rides off into the night with bullets in his holster and courage in his heart. He knows he is one of the few who can bring justice to a world so often filled with darkness and despair. So he will fight until there is peace, guns blazing.
Long live the gunslinger!

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