To the Moon

Inspired by game of Freebird Games

by Flying Dog
They say life is short, but you never know how much until it’s gone. Drs. Rosalene and Watts have seen so many lives taken by illness or tragedy, and they want to give people another chance at living – if only in their patients’ heads! They offer a second lease on this world for those who are about ready to depart from ours; however, the price of these “lives” comes with one condition: On deathbed, when all hope seems lost…you must first fulfill your final wish before breathing out forever.
Dr. Rosalene and Watts’ unique task is to reprogram the patient’s memories to fulfill his last wish, no matter how impossible it may sound. From a daring space mission to a peaceful day in nature, they help their patients experience what they never could before…no matter where the journey takes them. This story follows Johnny’s journey as he tries to discover what has happened and why he chose his last moments.
Ultimately, it’s up to doctors and their patients to decide how much of a life they want in exchange for the last wish. Together, the two doctors take on an emotionally charged mission as they navigate through a never-ending river of memories and feelings, trying to find and fulfill that one final wish – to go to the moon. As Johnny embarks on his lifetime journey, he will learn more than expected and discover what it means to live and love genuinely. Drs. Rosalene and Watts guide him every step of the way, bringing him closer to achieving his dream before it’s too late.
It’s a life-changing experience for all involved as the two doctors gain insight into a world they thought they already knew, and Johnny discovers what it truly means to live life to its fullest. It’s an unforgettable journey that will make you question your mortality and wonder what legacy you will leave behind. Join Drs. Rosalene and Watts are on this poignant journey as they help Johnny find his final wish while unearthing their truths.
The story continues in your hands- how will you choose to live? Start to fulfill your dreams today. Let the journey begin! Don’t wait for Drs. Rosalene and Watts help- they are swamped.

To the Moon AI Art, Aistories.

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