Light and Dark Side

Jon's Path

by Flying Dog
Jon has been training for this moment his whole life. He was born into a family of Jedi and has been groomed to be a great warrior. Now, all of his training has led up to this moment. He sits in meditation, preparing himself for the battle to come. Jon can sense the darkness closing in on him, but he does not fear it. He knows that he must face it head-on to protect those he loves. The young Jedi has faith in his abilities and the power of the force. He knows that he can defeat evil and restore peace to the galaxy. With a deep breath and a focused mind, Jon draws his lightsaber and strides into battle. He fights with grace and strength, relying on his training to see him through. The power of the force guides him as he vanquishes every foe that stands in his way. In the end, Jon emerges victorious. With peace restored once again, he knows his mission is complete.
Jon was once a promising student at the Jedi academy. He was strong in the force and had a bright future. Then, something happened that changed everything. He could not forgive those who hurt him. Now, he sits, waiting for a fight to release him from his pain. But instead, he is consumed by anger and hatred, which makes him a servant of the dark side more and more. He is determined to use his power to seek revenge and crush those who wronged him. He will be an unstoppable force of destruction, using the dark side of the force to bend all that stand in his way. His mission: bring chaos and death upon all who oppose him. Jon draws his lightsaber and strides into battle. He fights with fury, relentless in his pursuit of power. His enemies are no match for him as he wields the force like a weapon. Jon is thrilled at his victory; deep down, he knows the darkness will never truly be gone. It is time for another story from aistories?

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