From the Velythans

New companionship

by Flying Dog
Aistories: From the Velythans Way out in the distant reaches of space, thousands of light years away and thousands of years ago, aliens arrived on Earth. This species was unlike any other encountered. These were a race of beautiful, advanced aliens known as the Velythans. The Velythans had traveled from their homeworld, a distant planet located in an unheard-of corner of the universe, to our little blue marble in search of New companionship. When they arrived, the people of Earth welcomed them with open arms. The Velythans shared their wisdom and knowledge with humans. They guided us along the path of technological advancement until they were nearly on par with the Velythans. But the greatest gift of all the Velythans had to offer was the knowledge of creating and controlling life. For thousands of years, the Velythans and humans co-existed peacefully, sharing the same planet and philosophies. In time, the humans evolved, becoming more and more like the Velythans. Eventually, the species blended, and the two races could no longer be distinguished. Today, the Velythans are forgotten, their advanced technology and knowledge long gone. But some say that if you look closely enough, you can still find traces of their existence scattered throughout the universe. Perhaps one day, we will unlock the secrets they left behind and learn more about this mysterious species again.
Until then, their legacy will remain hidden in the depths of space.
Thanks to the Velythans, humanity stands tall among the stars and can now explore distant galaxies, discover new technologies, and contact other species. The knowledge that was shared by these ancient aliens has allowed us to reach heights unimaginable before their arrival. So, the next time you look to the stars, remember that somewhere out there, a race of advanced aliens once walked among us. Aistories Time for another story…

From the Velythans AI Art, Aistories

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