Arrogance and Power Blinded

He failed...

by Flying Dog
He failed.

Arrogance and Power Blinded. He had been unable to train this young Jedi. His arrogance and power blinded him, so he had not seen the darkness within his apprentice. The young Jedi had fallen prey to the seductive forces of the dark side. He could only watch helplessly as his young friend got consumed by anger and hatred. There would be no redemption for him. Now the young Jedi would pay the ultimate price for his mistake.

The young Jedi was taught the ways of the ancient Force by his master, a Jedi knight of the light side. But like many of his generation, he paid little attention to the ancient teachings. He was too caught up in the grandeur and power of the Jedi Order to take seriously anything that wasn’t “scientifically” proven. But the master had seen it coming. He had sensed that the young Jedi would become corrupted by the seductive powers of the dark side. When he discovered what was truly going on, it was too late to save him as his training had been far from complete. Undoubtedly, the dark lord won this battle in the end. However, it wouldn’t be the last. With one Jedi having been killed, others would soon follow. Before long, the entire order would be destroyed because of one man’s arrogance. Again, a lesson learned too late.

It is the beginning of the end of the Jedi Order.

He feels it deep inside him. Something is wrong, very, very bad… A dark side is sneaking and trying to overcome him since the failure of his apprentice made him weaker and vulnerable. He is trying to fight it, but it’s getting harder and harder. Everything is getting blurry, and he feels like he is not in control anymore. Some of his friends have fallen into the dark already. He does not know what to do anymore or how to escape the grip of the evil powers taking over him… The Dark Side is rising at full strength now, and the only way to stop it is to fight it or join it… Will he be able to resist temptation? Will he be strong enough to defeat the Dark Side once and for all? Only time will tell… He was wrong in thinking that the light side was more vital. In the end, it was the opposite. He felt that he needed more power to defeat his enemies…

The dark side is powerful and alluring… and maybe not so bad as everybody thinks.

Time for another ai art and story …


Arrogance and Power Blinded AI Art Stories, Aistories.

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